Since the padel is developing at high speed, we are seeing more and more second-hand tracks appear. For some clubs just starting out, this may seem like an excellent idea, but be careful, you still have to be wary. We take stock with expert Pierre Iskandar, of the society Sports Floor.

Don't forget about additional costs

“The land market padel second-hand is increasingly dynamic. There are interesting opportunities, but it is essential to take into account several aspects. Firstly, the initial price may seem attractive, but it is crucial to consider the additional costs associated with a used track.”

track of padel used new stock

Indeed, when you buy a used plot of land, it is possible that it will require repairs, improvements or upgrades to meet current standards. These costs can quickly add up. For example, you have to take into account the transport which can vary from 1500€ to 2500€ per padel depending on the location, the purchase of a new lawn with the bonding strips, glue, additional sand, is between €4000 and €5000.

“Impossible to recover the grass”

“In fact, it is impossible to recover the grass from a padel even if it is included in the price, because it will be creased, there will be folds, it will have to be cut into several pieces etc. In other words, it will not be playable, especially when we know the level of demands of the players, who always ask for good grass.

You must also take into account the installation which can vary from 3500 to 5500€, the unloading of the material, around 800 to 1000€ (crane truck or telescopic forklift + labor,) the skip for waste treatment, around 800€, and 500€ of screws. Add to this perhaps the renovation or replacement of lighting systems…

We have provided an overview of the main costs, but there may be many others, which vary from one product to another.”

Rather invest in something new?

“Ultimately, when you factor in all the costs involved in rehabilitating a used lot, the total cost may approach or even exceed that of a new lot. New facilities are generally built to the latest standards, with quality materials and modern equipment, thereby minimizing future maintenance costs.

It is therefore crucial for potential buyers to take into account all the costs associated with the acquisition of land. padel, whether new or used. We always recommend that customers do a thorough evaluation before making a decision. Especially since guarantees are non-existent on second-hand land, and it is vital to have them when spending several tens of thousands of euros

And finally, we never know how we will find the used land once it has been dismantled and transported and unloaded, there may be anomalies, deformations or missing parts.”

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