This is clearly the soap opera of this end of the season: will Ale Galan and Juan Lebron start 2024 together or separately?

Recently we heard that Galan would team up with Chingotto next season and Lebron would team up with Tello. But according to the latest information, which comes to us from our colleagues at I reveal, the Spaniards have not yet decided anything: “We haven't made a decision, we are living in the moment. We need that to play at our best, and we are proving it.”

Indeed, after winning their fifth title of 2023 in Milan, the 2020 World Champions demonstrate that they are clearly the pair at the end of the season. Still bothered by his arm a few weeks ago, Lebron is more active on the smash, and he seems almost fully recovered. The possibility of not starting 2024 for treatment seems to be receding, and the separation with Galan, which was for certain confirmed, no longer seems certain at all…

It must be said that Ale and Juan play particularly well, and on a sporting level, it would seem unwise to break up a pair who are finally playing the leading roles again. In such a context, and in view of Galan's last statement, we say to ourselves that the Andalusian and the Madrilenian could perfectly well be off for another ride.

So, in your opinion, will they be on the same side of the track next season?

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