Opposed to Coki Nieto and Pablo Lima in quarterfinal du World Padel Tour Abu Dhabi Master, Juan Lebron and Ale Galan were intractable.

Indeed, the numbers 1 needed only one hour and twelve minutes to dismiss their rivals of the day. Nieto and Lima, who were playing their first tournament together in the Emirates, did not have the weapons today to compete with the best on the planet padel. The Spaniard and the Brazilian will have tried everything, as you can see on this point, but Mariano Amat's players were simply too strong on Friday.

Ale and Juan win 6/4 6/1 and save themselves a bit, they who had to fight in three sets in the previous rounds (against Gil / Moyano in sixteenth then against Arroyo / Yanguas in eighth) .

The Spaniards are gaining momentum at the best time before the clash which awaits them tomorrow against Di Nenno and Stupaczuk, who have also been impressive this afternoon !

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