Franco Stupaczuk and Martin Di Nenno were very strong in quarterfinal of the WPT Abu Dhabi Master to eliminate Bela and Sanyo.

In this face-to-face between Argentinian world champions and between pairs that are reforming, we expected a big fight, with two duos who like to pose the game.

But there was not really any suspense this Friday in the Emirates. Indeed, the “Superpibes” have been much too solid for their elders, who do not seem to have found their best version yet.

Thanks to their impressive ground coverage and their propensity to make very few mistakes, Carlos Pozzoni's players dominated the proceedings. As expected, Stupa hurt with his suspended smashes, and more surprisingly, Di Nenno was also very comfortable with hard shots.

A 6/3 6/3 victory which proves that we will really have to rely on Franco and Martin this season.

Tomorrow they will find the winners of the match between numbers 1 Lebron and Galan in Nieto / Lima.

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