It’s finally the end of the Lebron / Galan soap opera. The Spaniards jointly shared an unequivocal publication on Instagram: they will continue together in 2024.

The rumors which announced Ale Galan alongside Federico Chingotto in 2024 were therefore false. Or at least they are no longer relevant. Indeed, as they announced on Instagram, Juan LeBron and Ale Galan will still be on the same side of the track next season.

Did they intend to separate at one time but ultimately abandoned the idea due to the good results at the end of the year? This seems quite likely: after a start to the season far from their standards, marked by injuries and frustration, the Spaniards had an exceptional end to the season, with five titles since September!

The prospect of starting 2024 in first position in the ranking Premier Padel Did it also weigh in the balance? Not impossible, in any case, Lebron and Galan continue their association, and they will obviously be among the big favorites next year, just like the pairs Stupa / Di Nenno and Coello / Tapia, over whom they often had the upper hand during the end of the season.

From now on, we are waiting to see who Fede Chingotto will play with, he who was announced alongside Galan. The latest rumors send him alongside Momo Gonzalez, not really the decisive player Paquito Navarro was talking about, but an outstanding defender who could form a very difficult pair to maneuver. To be continued.

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