The International Club Cup Padel 2024 is already happening. The European Association of Football Clubs Padel took the opportunity to interview Jean-Luc Vorbe, the manager of the Pétionville Club Port-au-Prince in Haiti.

France, Haiti, Tahiti and Malaga

“I came to Malaga on the advice of my Tahitian partner Guillaume Baigts from Papeete, who participated in five world championships in padel. This with the aim of immersing myself in the world of padel. I joined José Solano’s academy at the Inacua club in Malaga to learn the secrets of padel competition.

I do not play padel only for 2 years. But I have a high-level tennis background. I have indeed participated in international competitions for 10 years, including the Davis Cup for my country, Haiti. I had to abandon high competition to do my higher education in France. I live part of the year in Haiti where I have my professional life, and the other half in Tahiti, country of my wife and our children. It’s in Tahiti that I train several times a day at President Alain Siu’s Phénix club.”

Learn to advance the club and the club in Haiti

“We built a club in Pétionville, Port-au-Prince, with 5 tracks padel and 300 members, all avid players. Even if everything has to be done in terms of teaching and training for the competition, this is the reason for my coming to Malaga. We are very confident about the progress of the padel in our club.

With José Solano and his coaches, I tried to transpose my tennis training with those of the Solano academy: to have perfect physical condition to allow me, with my 195 centimeters, to be able to move quickly, even more so at padel than in tennis, listening, repeating each exercise as if I were in a match, making videos and, thanks to AECP, being able to play matches against Pierre, Pascal, Spanish players at the end of the day.”

Jean-Luc Vorbe

Pétionville of Haiti at the International Club Cup Padel 2024

“Pétionville of Haiti will present a selection of 4 players and 2 players during the next edition of the International Club Cup of Padel, and our delegation will include accompanying persons. I was able to realize the interest for our club and our players to be represented, but also for the managers who will be able to benefit from the advice of AECP and the relations with all the other clubs from the 5 continents. Haiti will defend its colors as Phoenix Club of Tahiti, who takes his selection very seriously. I can't wait to come back with all our friends.

And then we will welcome a delegation from the AECP to Papeete next March for the promotion of the International Club Cup. Padel. "

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