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[Highlight]Franck BINISTI[/ Highlight]

I discovered the padel Pyramids (78) 5 or 6 years ago. But serious health problems have kept me out of the sport for some years.

Le padel saved me since failing to resume tennis and squash, I was able to do sport again by playing padel.

My many trips to Spain have allowed me to learn a lot about this sport. I trained, concretized besides by a monitorat of the Madrilenian federation, and it is through these trips that I fell in love with this sport.

I still play at the Pyramids Club. But time does not allow us to play for a good part of the year. So, we go to the south of France or Spain.

Our goal: to develop this sport in France, notably through this magazine, but also to promote the padel in Paris via the largest Parisian forum of padel :

This project is carried by a passionate team. And of course if people want to join us to develop this sport in the region, they do not hesitate to contact us via the facebook page.

[Highlight]Nicolas BINISTI[/ Highlight]

I discovered this sport with my brother at the Pyramids. Since then, I have become a great enthusiast. I traveled a lot to train and have fun.

From Aix-en-Provence to Perpignan, via Sophia, I always manage to move where there is padel.

It's a wonderful sport, a team sport and friendly, and this custom paddle magazine made by and for the players must help this sport to develop. In any case, we are doing everything for.

Do not hesitate to join us in this adventure by contacting us on Padel Magazine or on our facebook page:


[Highlight]Kristina CLÉMENT[/ Highlight]