It is well known that when a website or page functions well on a social network, it becomes a prime target for cyberattack.

You have certainly already seen it on Instagram with players who regularly call to denounce duplication of their pages by malicious people. This phenomenon is becoming more and more frequent and it extends not only to players but also to brands.

Indeed, after Nox some time ago, it is now Adidas' turn to be a victim of these internet pirates. The brand has seen a fraudulent site impersonating it for some time on the internet, as it explains in a post published on its blog and shared on its social networks.

It’s simple, the site in question pretends to be All For Padel, the entity that owns the rights to Adidas for the padel. A prohibited practice which harms the brand but also certainly its customers. Indeed, not only is it unlikely that you will receive your pala if you order on this fraudulent site but on top of that, your bank card numbers could risk falling into the wrong hands...

This is a bit of the other side of the coin of the new popularity of padel. Regardless, if you see this type of illicit activity, don't hesitate to report it!

And to avoid any problems, stick to the clubs, to Brands and trusted sites for your purchases padel !

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