On Thursday February 9, 2023, the court of 4Padel Valenciennes delivered its verdict with a victory for the police in the tournament between gendarmes, police officers and firefighters.

Not happy with this judgment, the gendarmes decided to appeal the decision.

On February 22, 2024, one year later, the trial was retried.

This time, 48 witnesses belonging to these three bodies coming from all corners of Hauts de France were summoned to the hearing in order to be questioned on the 6 tracks of the 4Padel.

The groups' auditions took place in cordial exchanges leading to a well-deserved meal break.

The hearing resumed in the afternoon with final phases where witnesses and defendants faced each other to end with a final argument between the gendarmerie and the police.

The judge upheld the decision made at first instance and declared the police the winner once again.

The police and firefighters will certainly decide not to stop there!