On Sunday, Lille made the powder speak. The padel is constantly evolving in Lille thanks in particular to the work carried out by the two Lille clubs (Padel Attitude and Padel Sensation). Thanks to them the padel continues to rise and the level of players explodes.

The Saleta / Tanfin pair wins in extremis.  

In this tournament, the level was particularly high. Each hen was complicated. This is why in the final, the players did not necessarily deliver their best game of the day. We indeed felt a lot of fatigue among the finalists. On the other hand, it was necessary to have the nerves well hooked. The pair Ruiz and Lepanse started with their feet to the ground, leading quite quickly 4/1. Loïc Lepanse is illustrated with his magnificent smashes which almost permanently come out of the field while Sébastien Ruiz takes care of the little game to perfection. The public was about to get warm when suddenly, the local pair began to play more vigorously…

The match is on, there is a little more waste at Lepanse and the local pair do not hesitate to enter the breach. “Jo” locks him in his part of the court by sliding some magnificent balls in a short cross with his left hand. It's a real chase.

At 5 / 3 for the Parisian pair, the Lille have 2 balls of games to save ... And they save them. Saleta-Tanfin have more than one boulevard to win then this great tournament Lille.

The Saleta / Tanfin pair definitely hurts the Parisian pairs, since they are also the ones who beat the Binisti-Houard pair in the semi-final (6/4).

A special mention to Thibaut Nollet

Thibaut Nollet is THE revelation of the tournament. Associated with Romanowski, they started by doing a lot of damage in the group matches, in particular by inflicting a 6/0 in less than 15 minutes to the future semi-finalist (and former finalist) of the Binisti / Houard tournament. And they especially managed to reach the quarter-finals by delivering a high quality match lost 7/6 against a pair which is used to truster the last four: Fievet / Destombes.

If we knew Romanowski for his level of play, Thibaut Nollet is the player who surprised the most by his regularity and his little game terribly effective. He plays his role as a right-wing player perfectly and he has never failed.

In 6 months, he went from relatively beginner to dangerous.

More generally, Pascal Duhamel once again succeeded in his tournament with a great organization and an atmosphere that is still just as nice. Congratulations to Padel Attitude.

Final table 

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