Next May 14, the 4Padel of Strasbourg will host the very first Interleague Championships of the Federation of Defense Clubs.

In recent years, with the expansion of padel in France, many soldiers began to practice the discipline at different levels (approved tournaments, friendly meetings, inter-corporations, etc.), but they still did not have a championship worthy of the name.

But now, under the leadership of Samir Najimi, representative padel of the North-East league, the first championships will finally see the light of day.

For a national first, 14 pairs from the northeast league will compete on the magnificent Eckbolsheim complex.

Samir specifies: “All the leagues have been surveyed but the distance still slows down the players a little. The objective is to open the way towards the structuring of the discipline on the military side and to consider competitions up to the national level.

Following this championship, events should follow one another quite quickly at the level of the other leagues and why not lead to a first French Championship of padel of the Federation of Defense Clubs!