If only the 12 best results are taken into account when calculating the French ranking, getting into the Top 100 requires a lot of effort and investment.

Participate as much as possible possible tournaments necessarily increases the chances of accumulating a large number of points and moving up the hierarchy. In addition, as there is no limit strictly speaking, each person is free to comb the whole of France to put all the chances on their side and reach the Top 100 objective.

Ladies: Top 3

  • Tied for No. 1 with 45 tournaments played : Chiara MESSINA (Grenoble Université Club), 45th French player.
  • Tied No. 1 with 45 tournaments played : Margaux AMATO (AS de la Trésorerie), 65th French player.
  • N° 3 with 43 tournaments played : Elena LEVENEZ (AS de la Trésorerie), 49th French player.

We can notice that no woman in the French Top 100 exceeds the milestone of one tournament played per week. We can also note that these three players are licensed in tennis clubs.

Gentlemen: Top 3

  • No. 1 with 80 tournaments played : Cyril HANOUNA (AS Padel Aficionados), 59th French player.
  • No. 2 with 77 tournaments played : Guillaume LEDRAP (ASA Vauzelles), 99th French player.
  • No. 3 with 69 tournaments played : Bilal DUPRAT (4PADEL Montreuil), 85th French player.

Cyril Hanouna remains the king of tournament participation in France within the Top 100. The presenter of “Touche Pas à Mon Poste!” has largely fulfilled its Top 100 objective and is only a few hundred points to join the Top 50. On the podium, we find two players with dazzling progress like Bilal Duprat and Guillaume Ledrap who did not hesitate to throw themselves headlong into the padel.

However, we remain far from the “king” Lahcen Seghiri who “crushes” the competition with his record of 148 tournaments of padel achieved in just 1 year!!!

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Martin Schmuda

A competitive tennis player, Martin discovered the padel in 2015 in Alsace and appeared in a few tournaments in Paris. Today a journalist, he deals with current affairs padel while continuing its rise in the world of the little yellow ball!