With the strengthening of the market Padel, the offer becomes, in some cities, increasingly competitive. For the centers there emerges the need both to stand out, But also offer more and more services to its players, particularly in digital.

LiveXperience, the only provider to offer everything!

The digital needs for a club are numerous, from reservation to collection, including equipment rental and automated access, or even video capture and score management, particularly in the event of a tournament or event.


So, there are service providers in each field and, well, the vast majority are French !

But the problem for a club no longer becomes how to equip itself, but rather how to integrate its different tools? Training teams becomes a headache, assimilating the different subtleties linked to each software, each system…

At LiveXperience, we design, install, and manage the maintenance of our own products!

This has been the brand’s DNA from the start, and the benefits that result from it are multiple:

  • 1 single contact, which provides you directly with the solution in the event of problems/use questions (no need to go through a service provider),
  • 1 single management tool, single management platform for all your solutions,
  • 1 training only to provide to your teams.

No more headaches with suppliers who are only resellers of products that they have little or no control over, and the accumulation of intermediaries when resolving a problem with all its inconveniences (extended deadlines, return of the responsibility…).

A commercial company that reflects its customers

From the beginnings in 2018, the intentions of the two founders were clear: propose profitable, sustainable and financially accessible solutions.

To do this, there is no other way than to develop your own products, in order to master their design and operation from A to Z.

This is why in 2020, LiveXperience was the first player in the Padel to market its products on a leasing basis, without contribution, including equipment, installation and maintenance! This tripartite operation with the leasing establishment and the customer allows both to offer offers at attractive prices without impacting the clubs' cash flow, but also create a 3-way relationship throughout the life of the contract, obliging and committing the supplier in its mission of customer satisfaction and product maintenance.

Good progress for 2024/2025

This philosophy is paying off today since as of 01/01/2024, LiveXperience has 413 solutions installed all over the world, with a projection of 600 solutions at the end of the year.


the brand will soon launch the construction of its showroom in Perpignan, a 350m building2 integrating a plot of land Padel equipped with all its solutions (video & score, access, lockers), as well as its manufacturing workshop and offices.