LIVE EXPERIENCE is a solution that makes it possible to offer matches of padel live quickly and easily.

A unique experience !

If you've ever been a player, or even if you've been to a sports fixture before, you know how important the setting plays a role in the “wow” that sports convey.

A referee who pronounces the score or who indicates a change of side, a public who applauded after each point or game, this is now possible in your center!

Give your customers the feeling of a high-level match, with the possibility of following the score of their match on a connected 43-inch screen!


The global LiveXperience concept immerses the player in a real atmosphere of PADEL.

1- The score display

At any time during the match, players can view the score. It is just as useful during tournament or exhibition matches, for spectators on site.

2- The sound environment

The exchanges are punctuated by the voice of the referee who pronounces the score in progress, and also slight applause accompanies the end of a game or the match.

3- The replay

At the end of the match, players can watch their match on viewing terminals or TVs installed in the clubhouse, thanks to the wide-angle camera installed at the back of the court.

Complete equipment

LiveXperience is a complete system to make your fields attractive and interactive.

Thanks to our products, you offer a unique sensation to the players!

LiveXperience is:
- During the match with the score display and the sound environment,
- After the match with the viewing of his meeting at the club house.

Display screen

A 43-inch diagonal LCD screen to display the score, the remaining time, the visual animations but also your partners!

The sound environment

Find the context of a real short padel, with referee voice but also public reaction punctuating each point.

Match management

Everything is controlled from a mini-pc positioned at the back of the structure, directly linked to the display screen

Replay at will

Video with score

The wide-angle camera located at the back of the field, reproduces the meeting with the embedded score!

Score tracking

Thanks to the connected controller worn by one of the participants, the players follow their meeting point by point.

Front and Back Office

Live Xperience, beyond the system installed on your fields, also offers a whole part of piloting your stadiums and the matches offered.

Thanks to the back office, you can manage rentals, upcoming matches, start the stopwatch from your bar and even from your smartphone!

LiveXperience is not just in the field, we give you the power to manage everything remotely.


A Front office allowing players to review their matches and goals

A WEB portal in your colors, in white label, allowing you to highlight your center and offer your customers to watch their matches, but also to know your news.

A complete back office from where you manage the land and the organization

The back office, very easy to use, allows you to monitor reservations, manage your screens & sites, manage your commercial activity, etc.


This new tool is not a simple gadget, which would improve the image of your complex. It's about standing out, highlighting your services but also shouting loud and clear about your difference!

At LiveXperience we know one thing: a player who has evolved on equipped fields has great difficulty returning to basic terrain.

And it is at your place that he will discover this new concept… You will be able to benefit from all the evolutions of the software
on-board, as soon as our technical teams develop new functionalities