The curtain fell on the second edition of the summer tournament with theOpen GAIA Group which was held on July 3, 4 and 5 at TC Dardilly Champagne, land of padel on the outskirts of Lyon.

Bronkhorst / Bergaud and Ledant / Vincent: Victorious!

On a purely sporting level, in ladies, it’s Morgane Bronkhorst associated with Laurine Bergaud who won brilliantly on Sunday the female table while at the gentlemen Maxime Vincent retained his title alongside this time of Jean-Charles Ledant after 3 breathless days of competition.

While the sun was invited for the weekend, it is not less than 22 pairs, ladies and gentlemen, who had gathered on the two tracks of the TCDC to register their name on the prize list of the event sponsored by GAIA Group.

Tournaments and events: Winning formula

As every year, the Lyonnais club had focused on welcoming the competitors by providing them individually. But not only ! Indeed, always motivated by the firm desire to please the players, the organizers had planned to organize animations in parallel with the tournament culminating in an evening on Saturday.

As a reward for their efforts, the members of the commission padel of the TCDC had the pleasure of seeing the players prolong the tournament well after the last strokes of palas in a festive and friendly atmosphere. It is an ever more motivating source of pride to support le padel in the west of Lyon for a dynamic team that will continue to add new volunteers at the start of the school year.

Let it be said, the padel is doing well in Dardilly and the whole team is already looking forward to meeting padelLyon players next year for a summer tournament which aims to be perpetuated and to establish in the calendar every first weekend of July.

PS: And to follow the news of padel in Dardilly and Champagne, request access to the Facebook group "Padel-TCDC ”

Stephan Rodriguez

Stéphane Rodriguez is passionate about padel. Particularly known and recognized in the Lyon region, he now lives in Madrid and is the founder of X3 Padel, a structure specializing in internships padel.