As we said in a previous article, Lucho Capra and Alex Chozas pushed the number 1s to their limits last night in Brussels. Motivated and confident, Capra showed a very different attitude from that which we had seen during his short stage with Fernando Belasteguin. As he explained at the end of the match in a post on Instagram, the native of Quilmes “found pleasure again on the track.”

Those who like to read between the lines will certainly see this as a small attack on his ex-teammate. Basically, Lucho implies that he wasn't having fun with Bela, which seems to be confirmed by his wife Mikka Solange's comment under the post: “Seeing you play like that, having your teammate involved, the team… The results will come”.

We had already noticed this when they had announced their separation, Belasteguin and Capra, who didn't get along very well on the track, don't seem very close off it either. To be clear, we don't see them going on vacation together anytime soon...

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