A look back at the Julien Pes and Manu Garcia duo that we had the opportunity to interview during the Canet's Fip Rise. They tell us about the expansion of French Padel Shop.

“The most important is our frenchies”

M.Garcia: “Today for French Padel Shop it was logical to participate in the buddy event, to participate in the development of the padel and to introduce people to the practice, to introduce them to snowshoes. ”

Padel Magazine : It's been almost 2 years now that French Padel Shop exists, how do you see your journey so far? 

J.Pes: “French Padel Shop emerged from the ground in December 2019, just before the Covid. We are on an improved version, we are happy with what we are doing and the partners we have. What makes us the happiest is our community. We are close to our "Frenchies" and the most important is them."

Padel Magazine : Can we imagine your structure exporting internationally? 

M.Garcia: "The future looks to Europe. The work in France is not finished, we must continue to stabilize what Ju started two years ago. The aim is to take the lead and start looking at Europe; if we wait until France is stabilized before exporting it will be too late, because in Belgium, Italy and Germany there are already distributors and resellers in place. Places are therefore expensive, and you have to leave now to make a name for yourself in the padel European. In 2022 we intend to step out of our comfort zone (France)."

An environment of friends, “who must remain so”

Padel Magazine : This Canet tournament is also an event between friends above all, what do you think? 

M.Garcia: “I think that today in the padel we all have to stick together, we have to participate in the buddies' events. Being there even if it's an investment and it costs money. Because I think that tomorrow when there will be foreign players who will appear on the French market, we will have to be better organized and united. When the wave will arrive we will have to be prepared ! "

J.Pes: “This event is great, when you see the number of people on the stand… I appeal to all town halls, all structures capable of hosting events like that. When we see the infrastructure that there is! To take an example of a soccer stadium here it's like " the theater of dreams », I hope that this kind of event will multiply because it develops our sport. And especially if it develops our sport, we will all be happy, and all friends. Le padel is a community of friends, and that must remain so!"

For those who would like to see the video in its entirety, it goes below:


Nasser Hoverini

Passionate about football, I discovered the padel in 2019. Since then, it's been crazy love with this sport to the point of abandoning my favorite sport.