Completely crazy finale “P6000” from Open Pneus Cash au Reunion Island Padel Club where we found the winners of the P1000 of the HAT, first stage of the RUN Padel Tour to Reunion, Quentin Ayuso and Morgan Mannarino, facing the 4th seed of the tournament, Thibaut Pech and Benoit Theard, who had so far flown through the competition by losing less than 5 games on average over all their matches.

From the start, Thibaut Pech and Benoit Theard seemed a step above, more regular, fresher perhaps. The first set and a good part of the second set turned in favor of the Toulouse pair. The first set is concluded in 33 minutes: 6/4. And yet, almost against the flow of play, Morgan and Quentin managed to obtain an almost unexpected tie-break in the second set which even turned out in their favor. Like this match, Morgan and Quentin got off to a bad start in the tie-break, but fortunately, they took advantage of a few errors from Toulouse which put them back on the right path and allowed them to come back to one set everywhere.

Reunion Island Padel Club

Playing a 3rd set is almost unexpected for the 1st seed in the tournament. The Toulouse team accelerates and leads 4 games to 1 with many possibilities to break and take off in this 3rd set to lead 5/1. We say to ourselves that this time, the TS1 will not be able to come back. But it was written that this week in Reunion will remain special for Mannarino / Ayuso who make a spectacular comeback.

It's almost unreal, not only do Morgan and Quentin manage to avoid the 5/1, but they then play 5 consecutive games and it is true that they take advantage of a cramp from Benoit Theard to win 6/4 in this synonymous decisive set 2nd consecutive victory in Reunion.

This night, Benoit Theard and Thibaut Pech will not have the heart to celebrate because this final seemed to hold out their arms to them.

For Morgan Mannarino and Quentin Ayuso, it's like a dream. They went through all the states and won again a match in 3 sets after those won at the HAT last week and again in the semi-final in this tournament.

Mannarino / Ayuso achieves the double: BRAVO!

Finally, how can we not return to the general atmosphere of this tournament: an exceptional success at Réunion Padel Club which wins the prize for the most fun tournament of this start of the season in any case. Players, spectators and organizers delivered a flawless performance. See you next year for a new edition of RUN!

Photos: Renaud Roux

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Club des Pyramides in 2009 in the Paris region. Since padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France going to cover the major events of padel French.