After their quarter-final victory against Goenaga / Martinez (6/2 6/4), the Alayeto twins, who are preparing for their semi-final against Ari Sanchez and Paula Josemaria, came to our microphone.

Different conditions in Madrid

Mapi: “The conditions are very different. In Rome there were extreme conditions, with very strong heat, wind, a fast track but in the open air the ball moves a lot and it balances the levels. Here, we play indoors, the track is neither slow nor fast, you can speed up but you have to know how to choose the right moment.”

Three wins against Collombon/Iglesias

Nice : “We have faced them three times and in each match it is as if it was the first match against them because each game is different but each time we try to see what we have done well beforehand to try to repeat it. Alix and Victoria are a very difficult pair, each time it was complicated but we always tried to keep what worked and correct the mistakes.

For the next move, they will surely want to beat us even more!”

No pressure in the semi-finals

Mapi : “Ari and Paula will be favourites, they are having an incredible season, and we will try to take advantage of being in the semi-finals of this great tournament. They are the numbers 1, they are the ones who have the pressure! The strategy is to play better than them!”

“Times have changed, there was a time when we were number 1, the pair to beat, and today they are the pair to beat.”

fans of each other

When asked what they would choose if they had the ability to take any hit from any player, the twins show how connected they are.

Nice : “I would take the vibora of Mapi.”

Mapi : “And me Majo’s forehand volley.”

To see the interview in its entirety (in Spanish), it happens just below:

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