The Spanish content creator, Manu Martín, met the charismatic Miguel Lamperti to exchange, in a relaxed manner Nox TV. The opportunity to rediscover, even more intimately, the Canoso de Bahía Blanca.

In this interview, you will discover the moments that marked the life of the Argentinian player, whether on the track... or off it!

The day Miguel Lampeti pretended to be an amateur

Nox will always remember one of the funniest moments they had with Miguel Lamperti. This is the day he pretended to be an amateur player during a NOX racket test that the brand organized during the WPT Marbella Master…

A disguise perfectly made by the Bahia Blanca player… Would you have fallen into the trap?

We continue with the memories…

On NOX TV, you can also find Miguel Lamperti's visit to the Nox Future Academy (NFA). Without a doubt an unforgettable moment for the young promises of the padel !

Want to play… like Miguel Lamperti

Nox cannot guarantee that you will play as the Canoso de Bahía Blanca…but you can always show off with his snowshoes.

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