We could expect it yesterday after the victory against Quilez / Bueno, Fernando Belasteguin and Miguel Yanguas will not play their round of XNUMX match in Milan this Thursday.

Indeed, as he explained in an interview, despite a two-month break, the Argentinian is still not completely recovered from his elbow injury. A hard blow for the “Boss”, who explained that he was feeling very well three days ago… Ultimately, the 44-year-old only returned for a short match.

Absent from the WPT Master Final, Bela played his last game in 2023, but also his last match with Miguel Yanguas. Indeed, the native of Pehuajo declared yesterday that the two men would not continue in 2024…

This package qualifies Teo Zapata and Fran Guerrero for the quarter-finals. In great form on the pitch, as evidenced by their recent quarter-final in Mexico, the Spaniards are also a little lucky, having benefited from the abandonment of Silingo / Mouriño yesterday, and qualifying for the quarter-finals on forfeit. Tomorrow they will face the winners of the match between Di Nenno / Stupa and Bautista / Muñoz.

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