Benjamin Tison and Aitor Garcia lost 7/6 7/6 in the second round of the Milano Premier Padel P1 against Juan Tello and Alex Ruiz.

Looking at the score, we say to ourselves that the Franco-Spanish pair, from qualifying, were almost equal this Wednesday with the 6th seed in the tournament. And those who followed the match will be able to confirm it: Tison and Garcia caused serious problems for Alex Ruiz and Juan Tello this Wednesday!

A nice fight

While she perhaps thought she had already done the hardest part in breaking At the start of the match, the Spanish-Argentinian pair was forced to row in the first set. Indeed, after recovering their late service, Benjamin and Aitor took the lead in the first set, leading 5/4 then 6/5. But each time, the favorites were able to come back together, and in a controlled decisive game, they were able to impose their experience to win the first set: 7/6.

The second act also saw Alex and Juan quickly take the service of their opponents, but even trailing 7/6 4/2, the Ile-de-France and the Catalan continued to hang on. Rewarded for their self-sacrifice, they came back and even managed to take the lead.

Unfortunately for them, all these efforts had a price, and while they were leading 6/5 30/0, they made mistakes which allowed their rivals to come back and snatch a second decisive game.

And while the first point of the deciding game was won by a winning smash from Alex Ruiz, the referee made a decision that could not have been more questionable. Indeed, the latter considered that Aitor Garcia had hit the glass intentionally, while the Catalan just seemed to want to counter the Andalusian's smash with the glass. A not really aggressive gesture, in the course of the game, which still earned a penalty point for the Franco-Spanish pair...

Trailing 3/0 and quite annoyed, Ben and Aitor did not give up, returned to coal and even managed to get a set point at 6/5. A ball erased by their opponents, who were able to string together three points in a row to seal the fate of the match. Tello and Ruiz qualify for the eighth, where they will meet tomorrow Barahona and Garcia, who passed a 6/0 6/2 in Moyano / Gil!

Mario Cordero: “Ben and Aitor were on the verge of creating an incredible feat”

The logic was respected in Milan, since the favorite pair won, but we must still highlight the big match delivered by Benjamin and Aitor, who would have deserved a little better than a defeat in two sets. Regardless, both men can be proud of their tournament, which began in qualifying and ended with very good resistance against two players from the Top 16 in the world. The Tison / Garcia association seems most promising, and we hope to see it again in 2024!

Our commentator Mario Cordero, who has not lost a beat of the meeting, offers us his debrief: “It was a totally crazy match, we saw a huge fight. I think the conditions really favored Ben and Aitor, and compared to Bourg-en-Bresse, where they struggled on the very fast track, today they were on par with two players qualified for the WPT Final Master. We didn't see a gap on the track, there were breaks and unbreaks in all directions, and Tison and Garcia were on the verge of creating an incredible feat for their last match together in 2023!”

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