Laura Clergue, Canal+ Consultant, met Momo Gonzalez in its training center in Madrid. For this year 2024, it will form a brand new pair with Fede Chingotto which arouses a lot of curiosity.

In this interview, Momo looks back on the stormy transfer window and how this team he formed with Chingotto was formed. A teammate he wanted to play with for several years already but with whom it has never been possible until today.

As a team they worked very hard during the pre-season to build their game pattern. A collaboration on the other hand with Gaby Reca as a coach who delighted him because he had already played with him. He insists that it is a legend of this sport.

Subsequently, Momo speaks on what more and less he can bring to Chingotto as Paquito did and listens in surprise to a short message from Chingotto which answers this same question.

Momo also talks about his less smooth stage with Sanyo. A photo album of his life allows him to talk a little about his childhood, his family, his time on the youth circuit. And finally the trigger that allowed him to become the great player that he is.

Finally, he returns to their various potential opponents for this year 2024, mentioning the pairs he would least like to face and on goals that they have with Chingotto.

A team which will be one of the most loved by the public and which will have to use its solidity to try to face the powerful Lebron / Galan et Tapia/Coello among other things.