This is the big news of the day: the officialization of the Gutiérrez/Gutiérrez and Gonzalez/Garrido pairs.

While Sanyo has decided to focus on family, Momo joins forces with an Andalusian like him, Javi Garrido. The other point in common between the two players who wore the Spanish team jersey together last year in Dubai is that they are basically both left-wing players.

And in the absence of information from both players, we can wonder who will move to the right, even if it ultimately seems quite obvious.

Indeed, Javi Garrido's biggest strong point is his devastating smash. For his part, Momo Gonzalez is a more patient player, capable of defending more or less every ball and using his superb hand to create gaps in defenses. We then understand that the most logical thing would be to see the powerful Garrido on the left and the strategist Gonzalez on the right. We have also seen the latter go to the right at times with Sanyo at Roland-Garros. A way to prepare for the future?

Those who follow the most padel world also know that Javi and Momo were seen together in training during the break and that it was the native of Antequera who was playing on the right of the track…

Everything therefore suggests that the latter will start the WPT Madrid Master on the side of drive while his new teammate will take charge, as he always has, of the left part of the track. We will soon see if this change is beneficial for the 26-year-old!

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