The French Interclub Championships – National 1 promises to be exceptional Padel Horizon with an audience of Spanish players like there has never been before.

The French Tennis Federation has communicated on the compositions of the teams... and you wanted a spectacle? You will definitely have some, and it is happening this year in the Paris region at the Sucy-en-Brie club.

Palavas stands out among the ladies!

And the most surprising is perhaps among the girls, with the arrival of the 12th player in the world, Argentina, Aranzazu Osoro Ulrich, in the My Center Palavas team. And that's not all... in the same team, we also find one of the great hopes of the padel Spanish, left-handed, 39th player in the world, Andrea Ustero, who performed so well last year alongside Alix Collombon's former partner, Alejandra Alonso. You add to these two international class players, Tiffany Phaysouphang, Elodie Invernon, Wendy Barsotti and Camille Sireix, 4 top French players who participate in the FIP Tour, without counting the support of Géraldine Sorel, you have a team built to win.

Aranzazu Osoro clenched fist 2023

The seeded 2 is Stade Toulousain with a competitive team composed in particular of Lucile Potier, Charlotte Soubrié and Laura Clergue. If the team is competitive and balanced, facing the Palavas armada, this could prove to be a little tight.

Same situation for PadelShot Caen and All In Padel Lyon, respectively the 3rd and 4th seeds. In our opinion, it is the 4th seed which could perhaps create a surprise with the French number 1, Alix Collombon, Jessica Ginier, Carla Touly and Mélissa Martin.

In reality, Palavas could also benefit from a very successful team with potentially 3 competitive pairs, as many of the best French players have certainly divided themselves a little too much between different clubs, leaving them with little room to maneuver against Palavas. .

Barring a major surprise, Palavas is the big favorite among the ladies.

Palavas again among the gentlemen?

Yes, Palavas is seeded 1 among the men, but the competition may be much tougher and more balanced, even if My Center Palavas brings us 3 Spanish players and not the least:

  • Arnau Ayats, 65th,
  • Ruben Rivera, 72,
  • Adria Mercadal: 92nd

And behind, we have clients including the Frenchman Arthur Hugounenq and the Italian Martin Ariel Andornino, ranked 5th French player (206th place in the world).

The Big Padel seems a little short, even if the French armada of the Bordeaux team obviously has a chance of creating a surprise, led by Jérémy Scatena, still 101st player in the world.

The Sète Padel Club, Padel touch, Padel Horizon, TC Douai, All In Padel Sports, WinWin Padel Nîmes have in common that they have at least one Spaniard or Argentinian in their team. All of these teams can go far depending on the draws.

The competition will be particularly tough. When we see that the All in Padel Sport has in its ranks no more and no less than the 47th player in the world, Pablo Lijo, and that the club will not even be seeded, we understand well here that anything can happen and that there could even be damage among the top seeds from the first round.

For All In Lyon, after a title in December 2023, the score could be high in this tournament where it seems a tone below, in particular because of its main loss: Teo Zapata and… Johan Bergeron, who does not was unable to line up for administrative reasons.

Home Padel : a team based on 2 big pairs and…

Home Padel is a team that falls through the cracks and manages to be seeded 8 despite a fairly heterogeneous composition within the team.

It’s simple: Casa Padel has the opportunity to be champion of France. The club is banking on its 4 star players: Teo Zapata, Miguel Semmler, Thomas Leygue and Mario Huete.

Between the 4 of them, if they achieve a flawless performance, and they have the ability to do so, then the club will be champion of France. The 5th player of the Casa team Padel is… Cyril Hanouna, the 86th French player, has the possibility of becoming French interclub champion of Nationale 1.

We're not going to lie, there are much better players behind him, starting with pair 3 of the team, Javier Clar and the Belgian Laurent Montoisy. Be careful, even if on paper, they seem quite far from the 4 in front, it remains a dangerous team against many pairs.

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Club des Pyramides in 2009 in the Paris region. Since padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France going to cover the major events of padel French.