During the stage of Cupra Padel-Point Tour by Palavas, young Nathan Perrot, 13 years old, selected to represent France in Paraguay in less than a month, got on Mélissa Martin’s microphone.

The Cupra P250 Padel-Point Tour with his father

“It was a great experience, it was super well organized. I have kiffé playing with my father, and even though we lost we had very good matches.”

“The one-point tournament (Editor’s note: One point championship), I didn't know myself, it's a pretty funny concept. And to see you with Wendy (Barsotti), Élodie (Invernon), whom I hadn't seen for a long time but whose progress I followed on the FIP Tour in particular, it made me happy. It’s an honor to meet you all.”

Heading for the Youth World Championships in Paraguay

“This will be a first for me. Following the success at the French Championships that we won with Occitanie, I was selected to go to Paraguay for the World Championships. I’m going to find myself with people I know well like Yohan Boronad, Louis Jover, Timeo Fonteny… It’s not an unknown setting, it gives me a little more confidence.”

“This year we intensified training. With Yannick Maurel, we have planned several tournaments for the year.”

“In Palavas we have a good group, we train with Valentin Durand, and Yannick also comes to bring us his tactical vision, which is a little different from that of Valentin. This is a good thing."

The future…

“We are trying to see if we can go to Spain for a bit. We need to take stock with Yannick, to see what I want to do, to see what we can do.”

“Currently I am in the fourth year and I would like to benefit from sports studies next year in the third year, it is one of the objectives.”

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