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Newsletter PADEL - June 2022

Greenweez Paris Premier Padel Major :
appointment of Arnaud Di Pasquale as tournament director
The press conference of Greenweez Paris Premier Padel Major took place on Thursday June 2 in the presence of Gilles Moretton, president of the FFT, Luigi Carraro, president of the International Federation of Padel, and Arnaud Di Pasquale, appointed tournament director. This conference also made it possible to present in more detail the system that will be put in place between July 11 and 17, 2022, with places ranging from 15 to 50 euros, and which will offer a unique, friendly and festive atmosphere!

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A track in Paris!

As part of its "Grand Jeu 2022" summer event and in collaboration with the FFT, the forecourt of the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie will host a padel from July 9 to August 28. Access to the track will be free and will be available every day of the week from 10 a.m. to 18 p.m., except Monday (closed). Animators will be present to supervise the activity and the loan of Wilson rackets and balls will be possible.

number of the month

In 24 days, the best players in the world of padel will meet at the Roland-Garros stadium for the 1st edition of the Greenweez Paris Premier Padel Major ! For the occasion, you can now find the official tournament poster. To share without moderation around you! Also, if you don't want to miss any news about the tournament, you can follow everything from social networks! Subscribe now to official accounts Instagram et Twitter of the tournament.

It perfects!

Italy Premier Padel Major: the winners
The second Major of padel of the circuit Premier Padel took place in Rome from May 21-29, 2022. The world No. 1 pair of J. Lebron and A. Galan won against pair no. 2 made up of M. Di Nenno and P. Navarro. A match that will have allowed the number 1 pair to take their revenge following the lost final in Doha. Who will take the advantage in Paris?

What's up ?

A taste for “Bela”!
A dream. Thus Fernando Belasteguín, known as "Bela", described his visit to Roland-Garros as part of the exhibition padel proposed during the tournament on court 5. The public was able to attend a very high level preview. The opportunity also for "Bela" to do a first scouting before the Greenweez Premier Padel Major. See you on July 11 at the Roland-Garros stadium.

Youth Interleague 2022
The 2022 French youth interleague championships will take place on August 24, 25 and 26. It's the Toulouse Padel Club which will host the event again, with the participation of 12 boys' teams and 6 girls' teams. As a reminder, a team is made up of a U14 pair, a U16 pair and a U18 pair. Who will succeed the PACA league this year?

Ranking calculation
Back to normal on the calculation of the ranking! Temporarily, and to alleviate the Covid crisis, the period for taking tournaments into account had been raised from 12 to 24 months to compensate for periods without tournaments. From July, the ranking will again be calculated over the last 52 weeks.

Crowdfunding for the padel
Faced with the growing demand for a second track of padel, TC Montanay, in the Val-de-Saône, has decided to launch crowdfunding with its members to contribute to this new project. A great initiative that brought together the whole club to help develop the padel.

Live from the leagues

Young people in the spotlight
The Burgundy-Franche-Comté league, with support from the Mission Padel, organized two gatherings of young people in the Spoon Center Thise and Nevers clubs. The opportunity to scout and form the first young teams that will represent the league in the next interleague championships.

Discovery Operation
The beach & padel of the departmental committee of Charente-Maritime organized an open day on Saturday May 7, 2022. The public was thus able to discover the padel in the clubs of Ars-en-Ré, Rochefort, Saujon, Saint-Jean-d'Angély, La Tremblade and Fouras. Given the great enthusiasm, the committee plans to renew this initiative in 2023.

A league center in Le Havre
The inauguration took place on May 21. Although open to practice since December 3, 2021, the three tracks of padel are part of the project to develop this new discipline, the training of professional teachers and the promotion of departmental, regional and national events and competitions.


Invitations for the Parisian Major
TFP trainees and their supervisors from the centers in Île-de-France, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur and Occitanie, promotion 2021/2022, will have the chance to be invited on July 14 to the Greenweez Paris Premier Padel Major at the Roland Garros stadium.

Dates to remember

June 24 to 26

P1000 Ladies and Gentlemen
4Padel Bordeaux

From 1er to 3 July

P1000 Ladies
Hérault Committee

From 1er to 3 July

P1000 Gentlemen
TC Toulonnais

From 8 to 10 July

P1000 Gentlemen
TC Saint-Cyrien

From 11 to 17 July

Greenweez Paris Premier Padel Major
Roland-Garros stadium

Pro tip

The "par 3" smash
It consists of bouncing the ball on the back glass to make it come out on one side. Technically, it's a topspin smash that's similar to a tennis kick serve. To be performed only if you are sure to get the ball out to avoid giving your opponents a chance to counterattack!

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