On the occasion of World Padel Tour Final Master which was held last weekend in Madrid, Padel Magazine had the chance to meet “Los Hermanos” Wheel, podiatrists specializing in sport and partners of the Nox brand.

The two professionals explain to us that they were approached by the brand to develop a shoe that meets the morphological needs of players.

Indeed although the padel either a rather gentle sport and not very aggressive for the body, studies tend to prove that our ankles can quickly suffer harmful consequences if we put on badly shoes.

Shoes developed with professionals

“About two years ago Nox contacted us to develop a quality shoe for players of padel.
To do this, we have studied the different injuries that players may encounter and thus identified specific needs to achieve this model ”

“Unfortunately, the most common injury is a sprain, so we opted for foot stability. The player padel is very often found in flexion, the weight forward and he must be very dynamic on his supports when he has to accelerate his pace of play ” 

“A good pair of shoes can avoid a lot of problems” explains Ms. Wheel.

Health at the heart of the project

At the Nox stand at the Madrid Arena, a machine was available to perform rotation tests.

Luis Rueda tells us more: “When we play padel we do a lot of rotational movements on our forehands or backhands. On the physiological point, there are several kinds of rotation, first at the lumbar level. This is what we are looking at with this machine.

The ability of each person to move. This rotation can also take place thanks to the hip because it is the only joint that allows us to have this rotation. Finally, we are studying the movement capacity at the level of the midfoot, ie its adaptation to the ground and its ability to change direction. ”

You will understand that all the means are implemented to develop quality, durable products that meet the needs of players.

If this topic interests you, do not hesitate to take advantage of the full interview below:

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