We expected it a little given the latest movements of recent days : Veronica Virseda and Aranzazu Osoro have decided to join forces.

It's official, the two players shared the news on Instagram, they will share the track in 2024 at the different tournaments on the circuit Premier Padel.

It is therefore the 12th and 17th player in the FIP ranking who decide to pair up. Together, they are guaranteed to be among the top seeds in the first tournaments, and will certainly want to get involved in the fight for the Top 4.

Aged 27 and 32 respectively, Osoro and Virseda are two experienced players who are in the prime of their lives. Accustomed to not giving up on the track, they will offer a pair who will certainly be competitive and never easy to face.

From now on, we're waiting to see if Jessica Castello and Claudia Jensen will get back together and to see who Victoria Iglesias and Claudia Fernandez will start 2024 with. Answers very quickly, we hope!

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