Le padel continues its development, this time reaching the Tunisian population.

If you go there, we have listed the various clubs, hotels and sports complexes where you can try your hand at this sport, and even improve your skills.

Olympiasky Club

Let's start this list of places where you can practice padel in Tunisia with theolympysky club. Located on the Berges du Lac 2 in Tunis, this sports complex offers three tennis courts padel. The learning of this sport is even offered for the little ones with competent and passionate coaches. You can wait there for your child who will discover the pleasures of this competitive sport which will teach him team spirit.

Seabel Alhambra Beach Golf & Spa Hotel

Located in Port El Kantaoui, the hotel Seabel Alhambra puts at your disposal three fields of padel built in July 2021, in addition to its eleven hard and three clay tennis courts. In a warm and family atmosphere, come and try this fun sport. You can also take full advantage after your session of padel the spa, the swimming pool or eat in one of the hotel's many bars and restaurants.

Land of padel Seabel Alhambra
Photo creditSeabel Alhambra

Padel Indoor Soukra

Le Padel Indoor Soukra in Tunis is the first club of padel Indoor in Tunisia. Whether you are a novice or an expert in this sport, come and enjoy the two fully covered courts to share a friendly moment with family or friends. You can even participate in the P100, P250 and P1000 tournaments that the club organizes regularly. Who knows, maybe you are the next rising star of the padel !

Padel Indoor the sokra
Photo credit Padel Indoor the sokra

Padel Marsa

Direction now the city of Marsa, located 18 kilometers from Tunis, which is home to thee Padel Marsa. Established near the archaeological site of Carthage, Marsa 2070 is a club that will make all lovers of padel. This is the very first indoor club with three padel to WPT standards in Tunisia. A professional space that you can enjoy throughout the year.

Padel Marsa
Photo credit Padel Marsa

Padel house tunisia

If you are passing through Raoued, we strongly advise you to take a trip to Padel house tunisia, at 676 avenue Jaafer Sidi Amor, Ariana. However, make sure before you go there that you have reserved one of the three padel offered for rent. Each of the courts has secure glass walls and quality fences. All the conditions are met so that you can deliver your best performance.

Padel House Tunisia
Photo credit Padel House Tunisia

Tennis club of Tunis

To close this list, we are talking to you about the dean of tennis clubs in Tunisia. Created in 1923, the Tennis club of Tunis is located at 20bis avenue Alain-Savary Belvédère. Although tennis is the master of the place, the padel has also been there since 2021. A court of padel is thus made available to you to highlight all your talent.

Tennis club of Tunis
Photo credit Tennis club of Tunis
Eleonore Coulibaly

What a pleasure to be a journalist in the middle of the padel, an attractive growing sport. I hope you enjoy the content offered. See you soon perhaps on the slopes!