There are many technologies today to improve the recovery and healing of athletes. One can for example fix tendons, reduce a patellar load thanks to splints. The food supplements to improve recovery and performance are also increasingly widespread among athletes.

Stéphane Penso returns to this famous organic silicon: marketing coup, miracle cure? 

Today we are going to talk about organic silicon, the objective of which is to activate and accelerate the process of internal regeneration, and thereby consolidate the rehabilitation.

What is organic silicon?

It is a trace element present in the body and in certain plants. It is one of the most common elements in the earth's crust after oxygen. It is important for the immune system as well as maintaining good bone health. Its action helps to fix calcium and fight against bone demineralization. It relieves various bone, joint and skin conditions. Our body would normally contain 7 grams of organic silicon, but our current diet by modern culture is poor in nutrients and this directly impacts our health.

Le organic silicon has been proven in correcting deficiencies or excess in nutrients that trigger many chronic problems, which will subsequently be disabling and above all very long to heal.

What is its real use?

Athletes have always been confronted with problems related to injuries, it is not new! There are, as we said earlier, suitable healing methods for every injury. However, in certain specific cases the pains, whether real (or phantom), persist, and create a form of frustration among athletes who can no longer see the end of the tunnel.

Health professionals therefore face athletes with a total loss of confidence, and who, out of a state of despair, do not hesitate to continue their training without taking into account the pain that follows.

However, the The basic principle of any therapist is to find and reverse the ORIGIN of the problem. 

Since our body requires a certain supply of nutrients when we produce the least activity, imagine what it needs after a sustained effort. This is where silicon comes in, which is more complete than conventional proteins and which will stimulate collagen production. Collagen being one of the essential fibrous proteins of connective tissue components that form strong bundles of fibers, it helps strengthen all joints, bones, etc.

Silicon human body

Silicon is an active ingredient that helps maintain overall good shape, making it a great ally for athletes who want to perform at their best. If we manage to maintain sufficient levels of this element in our body, we will achieve greater elasticity of our tissues. et of our joints. Silicon acts very positively on cell membranes, making them less vulnerable and thus delaying their aging.

When and how to take it

Organic silicon (ideally liquid) is a solution that is taken about 10 minutes before a meal and that helps produce up to 20% more collagen, which helps to achieve more elasticity, flexibility, relief fatigue, improve oxygenation and help relax. There is not really a recommended dose of silicon as a supplement, but it is commonly accepted to take 2 x 15ml per day as a cure (when the bottle is finished wait at least 3 weeks before making another one. other).

Organic Silicon has been proven to strengthen the immune system (silicon triggers the production of antigens and antibodies in the immune system and prevents cell aging. But it also benefits from a pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory function (its analgesic action allows to relieve certain pains such as cramps and contractures, muscle tears, bruises and bruises). Its use at present is only limited to the level of experienced and high-level athletes, but it would not be decadent to see this supplement spread on a larger scale in the years to come.

Stéphane Penso

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