Le padel is experiencing a meteoric rise in the USA alongside the growing popularity of pickleball, another racket sport which is gaining ground in the country. Unsurprisingly, you can now play in many locations.

The East Coast of the USA: a thriving epicenter for padel

The East Coast of the USA is a true epicenter for the padel. In Florida, the Wynwood Padel Club à Miami stands out as the biggest club in padel the United States. By 8 tracks, a pro-shop, a restaurant/cafe, a relaxation area, and a terrace offering a breathtaking view at sunset, this club offers a full experience for lovers of padel.

We also do not forget the Sarah Vande Berg Tennis & Wellness Center, a magnificent resort located in Zephyrhills which offers padel, tennis, pickleball, beach volleyball and beach tennis, weight training center, well-being and fitness…

À New York, Padel Haus makes history by being the very first center of padel from the city. With 4 short de padel professional quality with a flamboyant blue color and a sleek, modern overall design, Padel Haus is a gem for gamers padel in New York.

Other notable clubs on the East Coast include the Matrix Racquet Club in Lowell, Arkansas, offering an experience of padel unique in a fitness and well-being setting. In the Connecticut, The Sports House à Norwalk is another dynamic center for padel, attracting a growing community of players.

Finally, in Pennsylvania, PADELPhia in Philadelphia is a club of padel booming, offering modern facilities and friendly atmosphere for players of all levels.

Wynwood Entrance padel club
Wynwood padel club

The West Coast of the USA: fertile ground for the expansion of padel

On the West Coast, the number of clubs padel is more modest, but their impact is significant. In California, The King of Padel in San Diego stands out with its 6 tracks of padel and 6 pickleball courts, offering a complete experience for fans of these sports. In addition to the courts, the club has a Yoga and Massage area, perfect for relaxation after the game.

Among the most emblematic clubs on the West Coast we find Tactic Padel Center à San Diego, Bay Padel et Park Padel à San Francisco, which offers modern facilities and a dynamic ambiance. In Arizona, PadelAZ à Tucson continues to be a pioneer, introducing the padel to a new audience with passion and innovation.

Club court The king of padel to USA
Pickleball and padel together at the King of Padel

Promising figures for the future of padel to USA

Since our last article on the subject, the growth of padel in the USA has intensified. According to a article from Padel High, Pillar Frames, a key player in the development of padel in the USA, mentions that the number of tennis courts padel increased significantly, to approximately 320 across the country.

This rapid expansion reflects the growing appeal of padel, a sport that appeals with its accessibility and social aspect.

The future of padel Asked USA is marked by optimistic forecasts. Always according to Pillar Frames, we could head towards 20 courts and 000 million players by 15. In other words, the padel seems on track to become a staple of the American sports landscape.

These figures, reinforced by initiatives such as the Pro Padel League, show that the padel is not just a fashion phenomenon, but a sport with sustainable growth potential.

While some states in the USA are still in the discovery phase of padel, the general trend indicates a rapid expansion in these regions.

With its current growth, its growing support from sports communities and investors, the padel is well on its way to establish itself as a major sport Asked USA, alongside the pickleball which has experienced exponential growth in recent years.

Dorian Massy

New follower of padel, I am fascinated by this dynamic sport which combines strategy and agility. I find in the padel a new passion to explore and share with you on Padel Magazine.