The second P1 of the Premier Padel is about to start in Mendoza, Argentina. 6 French will battle in qualifying to climb into the main draw.

P1 Mendoza - French

The qualifications for the P1 Mendoza of Premier Padel begin this weekend for our French. Here is the list of meetings:

  • Dylan Guichard and Bastien Blanqué (TS4) face the Argentinian pair Romano (220ᵉ FIP)/ Dametto (737ᵉ FIP)
  • Thomas Vanbauce and Dorian DeMeyer are opposed to the Argentinian-Chilean pair Molina Tofanelli (332ᵉ FIP) / Muñoz Campos (355ᵉ FIP)
  • Manuel Vives will team up with the Spaniard Nicolai Maniucov (191st FIP), the Franco-Spanish pair will be opposed to the Argentinians, Molina (265ᵉ FIP) / San Juan (315ᵉ FIP)
  • Finally, the No. 1 seed in qualifying Leygues / Insa Sotillo will face Argentinians Dip Nazar (277ᵉ FIP) / Nicolas Egea (244ᵉ FIP)

Stay tuned, we will communicate the results during the day.

Vincent Gallie

A fan of oval football, round ball but also racket sports, he was stung by the padel during his adolescence in Galicia. As comfortable in front of the camera as behind a microphone, Vince will be able to bring his vision and expertise as a fan of the little yellow ball.