Quentin Ayuso and Ludovic Cancel won the Cap d'Agde P1000. They dominate the pair Gourre / Jeannot in the final.

It was at the end of a disputed final that you were able follow live on Padel Magazine, that the seeded 2 won 7/6 6/4.

A women's P500 also took place this weekend, and it was Deborah Alquier and Emmelien Lambregts who won the tournament thanks to their success in the final against the Pochet/Serin pair.

On the side of Agde, we give you an appointment on Thursday April 28 for a night P250 then the weekend of May 7 and 8 for a P500 and a P100 men, as well as a P100 women.

source: Facebook International Tennis Center

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