It was the final of the favorites, 4PADEL Créteil, in this second Women's P1500 of the season. We found the Bahurel/Invernon pair facing the Sireix/Pothier pair.

Both teams were seeded 1 in this tournament (ranking weight: 19). In a very balanced match, where Élodie and Louise seemed to have taken a big step towards the title, Camille and Lucile shared their experience to win this title. Victory in three sets: 4/6 6/4 6/1.

A break will have been enough

From the first game of this meeting, Louise Bahurel and Élodie Invernon go for the break on the Sireix/Pothier service. The two players develop a padel high level and greatly disturb Camille and Lucile.

This break will be enough for the rest of this set. Indeed, even if Camille and Lucile raise their level of play, they fail to catch up with the score and get back that late break.

First set perfectly mastered for Louise Bahurel and Élodie Invernon who still do not want to lose a single set in this tournament: 6/4.

A tighter second set

The start of the second round resembles the first. Once again, Élodie Invernon and Louise Bahurel made the break and sailed in the lead in this second round.

This time, Lucile and Camille do everything to catch up and manage à take the service of their opponents for the first time. The exchanges are balanced and neither team wants to take the advantage in this round... we find ourselves at 4/4.

We enter the money time of this meeting and it is ultimately to the advantage of Lucile and Camille that it turns. On their second set point, they managed to get back into this match. 6/4, a set everywhere and on the way to a decisive third round !

The Sireix/Pothier experience

For the first time in this match, the first break of the set is not performed by Louise Bahurel and Élodie Invernon but indeed by Camille Sireix and Lucile Pothier. Shortly after the start of this decisive round, the two players led 3/0 on the scoreboard.

Obviously, theLucile Pothier's experience on the right hurts Louise Bahurel who, despite all his talent at 17 barely, suffers a little more attacks from his counterpart and commits a few mistakes.

It becomes much harder mentally for Élodie and Louise who, after leading 6/4 1/0 break, find their backs against the wall. They save a match point at 5/0 and open their counter: 5/1.

The following play will mark the end of the match. On the third attempt, Camille Sireix and Lucile Pothier claim the second P1500 of the season: 4/6 6/4 6/1.

Final Statistics 4PADEL Créteil
Gwenaelle Souyri

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