The semi-finals have delivered their verdict in Lyon and we know the identity of the 4 players who will face each other in the final of this last P1500 of the year.

From 14:30 p.m., we will find Philémon Raichman and Maxime Joris, who will be opposed to Pierre Vincent and François Authier.

Raichman/Joris, the walk in the park

In the first semi-final, it is Maxime Joris and Philémon Raichman who won in two sets, against the pair Ayuso/The Belly. For the moment, the number 2 seed is very dominant in this tournament, having not lost a set in his three matches played.

In their semi-final, Philémon and Maxime were once again able to maneuver Quentin and Loïc well. They won 6/4 6/4, in just over 1 hour 15 minutes of play. They will arrive fresher than their opponents, who came out of a match lasting just under two hours in three sets.


A painful victory for Authier/Vincent

You were able to follow this semi-final on the channel Padel MagTV. It was a big fight between Theard/Pech and Authier/Vincent. In a three-set match, the number 1 seed defeated the Toulouse pair: 6/7 6/3 6/3.

The first set was very close in this meeting, with a first break in favor of the Toulouse residents. Far from being left behind, Pierre and François came back immediately, picking up the score. The rest of the set was particularly tight and it took a tie-break in the first round to decide between the two teams. It will have turned in favor of southerners. 7/6.


Pierre and François have broken from the start in the second round and led in scoring throughout the set. We find the number 1 seed at his best level. Even if Benoît and Thibaud remain in contact, they end up breaking down at the end of this round and are broken once again, offering the set: 6/3.

The last set was decisive and, once again, itIt’s the Authier/Vincent pair that breaks firster. The loss of the second set seems to have put a blow on the head of Toulouse who only won 3 points in the first 3 games. We thought Benoît and Thibaud were lost in this match, before finally a break at 4/2. Pierre and François tighten the bolts once again and recover their break in advance. This time, no miracle for Benoît Theard and Thibaud Pech. Final score: 6/7 6/3 6/3.


You will be able to follow the final of this latest P1500 Esprit Padel, from 14:30 p.m., on the channel Padel Magazine TV:

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