You can be French number 1, have reached the 1/8 finals of a tournament in World Padel Tour and being out in the first round of the final table of a P1500. Benjamin Tison and Florent Thevenot were eliminated from the start in the P1500 Esprit Padel, at the end of a very close match against Lilian Fouré and Florian Hue.

For Benjamin Tison, it is, at best, a 17th place that we will have to seek in this tournament. And for his first ranking match, the French number 1 and Florent Thevenot will be opposed to Jerome Ferrandez and a certain justin lopes, former French number 1. The latter were also taken out in the first round by a qualified pair, but who we know to be dangerous, Thomas Seux (92) and Baptiste Hayet (59).

In any case, Ben Tison and Florent Thevenot take things with a smile.

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Gwenaelle Souyri

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