Lucile Pothier/Jessica Ginier, seeded 3, won the P2000 semi-final of 4Padel Bordeaux facing the pair that has thwarted the predictions since the start of the tournament : Soubrié/Touly.

After a big start from the outsiders, the favorites found the resources to pick up the score and then to make the break at the best time. A tight first round finally won 7/5 by Ginier and Pothier.

Confident after winning this first set, the players coached by Johan Bergeron gave a boost that left their opponents on the spot. Final victory 7/5 6/1 for those who are more than ever the favorites to win this first P2000 of the season.

At 14:30 p.m., it's against the winners of the match between Buteau/Sireix and Ros/Lefevre (1 set everywhere as we write these lines) that Jessica and Lucile will try to continue their faultless!

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