Here we go for the quarter-finals on the side of Carquefou ! The round of 16 has just ended and as you will see below, several pairs created a surprise!

The top seeds will have suffered among the men at the start of the afternoon. Indeed, the duos Joris / Raichman (TS5), Rouanet / Sanchez (TS6) and Auradou / Moura (TS8) took the door as soon as they entered the fray. The pairs Mercadal / Maigret (TS2), Guichard / Seurin (TS3) and Ayuso / Le Panse (TS4) will have suffered but they will be there for the quarter-finals. No problem for seed 1 Blanqué / Leygue.

The table with the results:

For the girls, we will be treated to completely different results, since the eight seeds are in the quarterfinals. But as with the men, it was difficult for some of them, pairs 2, 6, 7 and 8 all needing three sets to rule out less strong duos on paper. The new Pothier / Soubrié pair did not lose a single game!

The shift schedule:

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Central track

Track 2

Track 3

To follow Seurin / Guichard vs Grué / Forcin, it’s here.

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