The French season of padel-armchair will begin February 19 and 20, on the slopes of Padel Campus Arena in Billy-Berclau.

During these two days of competition, ten pairs will compete and compete for victory in this first event of the year, in category P100.

11 of the 20 best French players will be present and will be divided into two qualifying groups. We will notably find Sébastien Husser, Dorian Navarro, Laurent Giammartini, Nicolas Vanlerberghe, Tony Boval and even Serge Garnier!

In Pool A, the top seed will be the pair composed of Laurent Giammartini (French n°2) and Dutch Robin Ammerlaan (assimilated no. 1).

In the other group, the French n°1 Dorian Navarro will share the track with the organizer of this competition, the Northerner Nicolas Vanlerberghe (French n°4).

The participants will have in the viewfinder a selection for the 1er French Championships padel-armchair which will take place mid-September in Strasbourg.

Poster padel armchair Padel Sand

Upcoming competitions:

  • 29 February : Jarville, category P100.
  • March 28 : Blois, category P100.