While the world of padel is largely delighted with the merger between the World Padel Tour et Premier Padel, Lisandro Borges, whose attempt at a circuit called The Players had not won over the players, does not however wish to withdraw from the world of padel. On the contrary, it will offer a new competition.

This one is called Padel Next Gen, should take place every year, and promises to feature the best players under the age of 21. If we are to believe the poster shared by the Argentine businessman on his Instagram account, there should be Tino Libaak, Leo Augsburger, Pablo Garcia, Alex Chozas…

And that's not all, in addition to the 14 best players in the world under the age of 21, Borges also wants to attract 4 older guests, and let the public choose the formation of the pairs, to spice things up a little!

If we do not know at the moment when this competition will take place, we learn that it will have a very particular formula with a single service, golden point at 40A, great one-set tie-break everywhere, and no coach on the bench. Regulations that resemble those of the Next Generation ATP Finals (tennis) and which could offer interesting encounters.

According to our colleagues from Mundo Deportivo, it is in La Rioja, in the stadium where the promoter welcomed more than 13 spectators during the Buenos Aires Master, that he intends to hold the tournament. This is promising!

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