October 2020 padel ranking update. In times of health crisis, some leagues are more active than others. The main agglomerations affected by anti-COVID 19 plans necessarily offer fewer tournaments ...

Difficult to offer a relevant analysis on the padel rankings currently. However, we can note that among the men, Benjamin Tison becomes the only French number one in the ranking and thus passes in front of his former partner Adrien Maigret. A logical development after the victory last September of the Scatena / Tison pair at the P2000 of the Club des Pyramides.

Justin Lopes is also a good 4 places since he manages to go from 10th to 6th place in France. It is François Authier, the partner of the member of the France team in 2019, who takes his place, moving from 15th to 10th French place.

In the French top 100, Jérôme Inzerillo made a good 31st place going from 101st to 70th French place.

Among the ladies, not a lot of changes. It should be noted that Audrey Casanova obtained an assimilation to 5th place in France. The French player and former member of the France team hasn't played much on the main circuit lately. She had not taken part in the main French event this year at the Pyramids.

Padel ranking Gentlemen - OCTOBER - 2020

Ladies padel ranking - OCTOBER - 2020


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