If you follow the padel for a while, this has certainly not escaped your notice: Paquito Navarro finished his last two stages with a title.

First with Martin Di Nenno, a little over a year ago. After forcing Lebron and Galan to fight to keep their number 1 place until the end of the 2021 season, Paquito Navarro and Martin Di Nenno started 2022 with one objective: to dethrone Ale and Juan. But things were not going to go as planned. And after having spent the season without winning a single title, Paquito and Martin, more in symbiosis on the track, decided at the beginning of October, just before the tournament of Santander, to put an end to their adventure.

A real liberation for the two men who were going to dominate the debates in Cantabria and separate at the top, with a title acquired without losing a single set!

And the Andalusian did it again this year with Fede Chingotto. After asserting themselves in the Top 4 and having demonstrated very good consistency, “Super Raton” and “Paco”, in search of a first title in 2023, will have finished in style at the Palau Sant Jordi by winning the very last “Masters Tournament” in the history of World Padel Tour !

A rather new habit since Paquito had never done this in almost fifteen years of his career! So after finishing two associations on one title, will the Andalusian do the same with his next teammate?

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