Pablo Lima and Fernando Belasteguin are regularly interviewed. On the other hand, we do not necessarily know the other side of the picture. It is their wives: Paula and Cristina who help us to know them better.

Can you introduce yourself and how long have you known your husband?

I am Cristina (Editor's note: Spanish from Catalonia), wife of Fernando Belasteguin. I know him since 2004 and married since 2008.

I am Paula Miranda (Editor's note: Brazilian) wife of Pablo Lima. I know him since 2007 and married since 2009.

How do you describe your husband in life? Outside the court and on the court?

Christina (C): He is very different outside the court and on the padel court. These are 2 very different people. There are people who wonder how he is at home when they see him on the court screaming and spending all that energy. But in fact he is super quiet at home. He takes all things with a lot of calm. He takes advantage of every moment, takes advantage of his children (note: 3 children). He lives very calmly and has nothing to do with the nervous that he may be on the court. He becomes like crazy on the court, with that head that he has every time on the court ...

Paula (P): For Pablo it's a bit like Bela. At home, he is very funny, he likes to laugh ... he likes being at home, playing with his dogs ... He is very calm. When he is on the court, he has another face .... he is very different.

The qualities and a defect.

C: Bela is very happy, very attentive, he is very busy with his family. His fault: he does not know how to say "no" to people.

P: Pablo is very loyal, very friendly, he is very reserved and selective in his friendships and relationships, very generous too, these are values ​​that have caught my attention. And the default: stubborn, but I am too, so that's not a problem.

In your opinion, what is the best shot of your husband?

C: the lob.

P: We will believe that I will copy because I like his defense in general but the lob especially for Pablo.

Do you accompany your husbands in a tournament?

C: No With family life, it's complicated. This year I accompany him for the WPT Monaco and another tournament circuit and that's it. When we did not have children, I accompanied him a lot.

P: I accompanied him in tournament a little more. But we have just moved to Barcelona, ​​and this Monaco tournament is the first one where I am.

Are you padel players? And your level

P: I love playing padel. I'm also part of a team called slam padel feminino. I participate in many tournaments of the Catalan league where I take a lot of fun to play ... My level? What a difficult question ... I defend myself (Editor's note: Very good level Paula won the last women's tournament of the Set Club of Aix en Provence by beating with her partner several players who are part of the best French players).

C: I play little. I like playing but for reasons of time and logistics I do not have time to play much (note: Cristina is a dentist).

P: we play together at the padel once a week.

It is said that behind the success of a man lies a woman. What do you think ?

C: I agree! (laughs) It's important that at home there's stability, peace, that he's happy and I think Bela has it ...

P: The secret of this sentence is to be accompanied, right? Not being behind but beside, it's better. To be accompanied, that the person lives with your victories, that the person is present when things are not going well. Being like a team!

What do you think of this Bela-Pablo team?

C: It's a very good team. As players, as people, as friends. They are on the same wavelength at all levels.

Did Fernando ask you for your opinion on Pablo's choice?

C: No Fernando did not ask me anything. As a dentist, he often says, "I do not do your dentist business, so do not worry about my paddle stuff" (laughs!). It is true that I do not know very well this sport and I can not therefore judge well.

And Pablo?

P: Sometimes, Pablo asks me my opinion, but in this case, no, he just announced his decision.

How do you see your husband as a player in 5 years?

P: I see him quieter with even greater experience. Today he is young, he has only 28 years soon 29, he has already lived many things but he still has many things to live. He is very excited to be able to play with Bela. He has always admired him on the court and now they have the opportunity to know each other outside and he is very happy.

Bela is not as young as Pablo (note: Bela has 33 years), how will he be in 5 years?

C: I see him always having a lot of fun. If his body holds, he will continue to play for a long time. There will come a time when he will play in a different way ...

Special question for Cristina: how does Bela manage to keep such motivation on the court after so many years as number 1 and after having won everything?

C: Because he does not like losing, like his son. He is hyper competitive in everything he does! He can play any game, but lose, and he can not stand it ... when there is competition, he is always ready to fight!

Special question for Paula: how did it go for Pablo to have Bela partner when he was for years his main opponent? Complicated, no?

P: It crossed his mind it happened when he made the decision to play with Bela. It is true that at the beginning they did not really know each other like nobody. And it surprised me how fast they connected / found. And I see them very happy to be together. In addition, I believe they are identical in terms of the requirement, the self-requirement. I see that they encourage themselves, they motivate each other, they say "vamos, vamos" and that's what he needed.

Interview carried out on September 13, 2015 in Monaco during the World Padel Tour by Kristina CLEMENT for Padel Magazine.

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Pyramid Club in 2009 in the Paris region. Since then padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France by going to cover the big French paddle events.