Want exoticism, change, novelty or simply to have a good time in a travel destination that offers padel ?

“Traveling player”, far from your bases, today heading to Tenerife.

Tenerife is an integral part of the Canary Islands archipelago which includes 7 other neighboring islands.

A very popular destination for Europeans, it is sometimes less famous than its “Spanish cousins” of the Balearic Islands (located off the coast of Spain in the Mediterranean), and yet…

Tenerife is located 4 hours from Paris. It has two airports and is served non-stop by many metropolises or capitals in France and in the countries bordering France.


> Basel

> Barcelona

> Bordeaux

> Brussels

> Charleroi

> Geneva

> Lille

> Luxembourg

> Lyon

> Marseille

> Nantes

> Nice

> Toulouse

> Zurich

> (…)

The island of eternal spring in the Atlantic is not very far from the Moroccan coast.

It gets its nickname because of an exceptional level of sunshine just as high as that of the Côte d'Azur for example. The coastal mildness is present all year round, which is greatly appreciated by its visitors... for those certainly looking for a few extra degrees from autumn to spring in a destination that is both exotic and diverse.

Multiple facets and varied climates

Like some of its neighbors, it offers those who discover it several faces, all very energizing.


Rest, “relaxation moments” on a deckchair to maintain or perfect your tan, water quality at an average temperature of 19 degrees the first 4 months of the year and then 22 degrees. Tenerife has the arguments for pleasant salty baths. And for the more adventurous, you will leave the vast expanses in search of “natural swimming pools” which are the charm of the destination. Budding Instagrammers will agree!

Primary forest

Located in the northeast of the country, it has a unique fauna and flora with species of plants and trees, accompanied by their microcosm in the miniaturized image of the green lung of our planet: the Amazon forest. Walks or excursions in the forest are ideal moments to recharge your batteries or disconnect from the fast pace of our professional and family lives.

Those who reach the black sand beaches from the north-eastern tip will fall under the spell of less frequented but truly unique beaches.

coniferous forest

For lovers of Canadian landscapes or simply for Europeans who have not had the chance to discover Canada, you will have the opportunity to discover another typology of forest this time, mainly when you head towards the Teide National Park. In the shade of the large trees, you will enjoy walking or riding an electrically assisted mountain bike. The interest is often to gain height to enjoy breathtaking views of the coast and the blue expanse of the ocean.

Arid zones at altitude

Trekkers or fans of mountain hiking can also try their hand at Singles of masterfully lunar (or Martian) landscapes from the foot to the summit of Teide at 3 m above sea level. This stratovolcano, still active, is surprising when discovered... to say that it is there, on an island, is simply grandiose and should be discovered without delay. A word of advice: anticipate the rise in altitude by taking a food supplement for example (spirulina) or with peppermint drops to free the respiratory tract for example (NB: seek approval from a doctor before beginning physical activity at altitude). For the more sedentary or those who would simply like to enjoy the landscape, a cable car allows you a gentle final ascent!

Destination à la carte

Tourism being the most present economic activity on the island, the Spanish authorities offer well-maintained, pleasant airport and road infrastructures. You will have no problem exploring the island using a rental car.

People looking for a seaside stay could favor the tourist area (and it must be said the busiest) of Las Americas. Only a few kilometers from the airport in the south of the island, this location is the densest in terms of hotel capacity. Internationally renowned, the Siam Park water park with its Asian atmosphere welcomes lovers of aquatic sensations every year in choice slides and artificial rivers. In summer, at sunset, entertainment with DJs also brightens up vacationers' evenings.

For nightlife, two nightlife establishments ring out the best hits and international sounds including the Papagayo Beach Club. Many other great addresses of bars, various restaurants and shisha bars complete the menu of possibilities (in addition to the services of the on-site accommodation providers).

As opposed to a hectic stay, we find more “slow tourism” solutions, which are also possible through a horseback riding in the Canarian countryside, a sea trip on a privatized sailboat along the water to discover the numerous cetaceans living along the coasts or navigating between the island of Gomera and Tenerife, or even through a stroll in one of the charming villages scattered here and there on the map.

The colonial history of the XNUMXth century influenced the architecture of many buildings that onlookers like to discover during their vacation wanderings.

And what about sport in all this?

Recognized internationally in the world of “waves” as a “must see spot”, Tenerife welcomes surfers, windsurfers and other kite surfers all year round who come to try to tame the local swell. We cannot forget either the practice of wingfoil which has more and more followers every year and which really has a lot of followers!

As for padel, a discipline that thrills us/you, the destination has a pool of passionate players, many of whom have been practicing for more than ten years. There are numerous clubs and tracks which allow you to indulge in your favorite sport during your stay padel for example, throughout the year.

If we have any advice to give you: go and discover with your own eyes this island which will certainly surprise you!

Remi Collat

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