We were expecting a small domino effect following the announcement of the breakup between Gemma Triay and Martita Ortega, and it is going to happen.

Indeed, after learning that Gemma had set her sights on young Claudia Fernandez, we now realize that it is with Veronica Virseda that Martita will play after the P1 in Riyadh, her last tournament with the Menorquin.

Indeed, Virseda and Ortega have just register for the Qatar Major together. The two women, who know each other very well, having notably worn the colors of the Spanish selection together, will form the 4th seed in the competition.

You understand, it's already the end of a pair who have not yet played a single match! Osoro and Virseda, who seemed very enthusiastic when they announced their association, will therefore separate after the Saudi Arabian P1. We imagine that Veronica could not refuse Marta's call, who in addition to being higher ranked than Aranzazu and having the experience of a former number 1, has the advantage of residing in Madrid, city ​​where his now new partner trains.

For Ortega, who some saw with Lorena Rufo, the choice of Virseda also seems rather logical. Indeed, the 31-year-old player presents experience and solidity that the young Rufo does not yet have.

Speaking of Rufo, will she share the track with Osoro or should we expect further changes? Response in the coming days, or even the next few hours!

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