Follow the round of XNUMX Premier Padel Brussels P2 this Thursday from 09:00 a.m. Don't be surprised when you see the program below, three pairs have already qualified for the quarters: Jensen / Castello (TS6 ladies), who benefited from the package of Osoro / Goenaga, Ortega / Virseda (TS5 ladies), who dominated Guinart / Martinez, and Nieto / Sanz (TS8 men), who beat Windahl / Solano.

For the moment, it's simple, no seed has yet bit the dust in Belgium. Will we be treated to a first real surprise this Thursday? Whatever happens, we should be treated to interesting matches, with the new duo Leal / Campagnolo who challenges Yanguas / Garrido (TS5), the tough Javi Ruiz and Cardona who will want to try to make a move against a Paquito and a Lebron (TS2), who had a slight ignition delay yesterday...

On the French side, we will of course follow Alix Collombon and her partner Julieta Bidahorria, who tackle the Brea / Gonzalez monster (TS2).

You understand, a beautiful day padel awaits us near Tour&Taxis.

The program :

To follow the matches, go to the YouTube channel of Premier Padel.

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