Le Premier Padel Brussels P2 promises to be very interesting with many new pairs which will appear in Belgium.

Male side, we will of course follow the great return of the Lebron / Navarro pair, which, as we told you recently, will start as seed 2. Paquito and “El Lobo” will also be just ahead of their former teammates Ale Galan and Fede Chingotto!

In the Top 8, we will also be entitled to two other duos who are reforming: Alex Ruiz / Momo Gonzalez (TS7) and Maxi Sanchez / Sanyo Gutierrez (TS8).

But the attraction of this competition on the men's side will of course be the brand new association composed of Juan Tello and Fernando Belasteguin (TS5). “The Boss”, who is playing his last season among the pros, is trying for the second time in his career to move to the right. In difficulty on the left against younger and more powerful players, the native of Pehuajo will try to bring all his experience to Juan Tello who seems to be lacking in confidence since he parted ways with Chingotto. What do you expect from this brand new Argentinian pair?

Behind, several new associations will also emerge in Belgium, and they are intriguing to say the least, like this new duo formed by Javi Leal and Lucas Campagnolo. Lucho Capra will try to relaunch alongside the young Alex Chozas – with whom he played a few tournaments in 2023 – while Gonzalo Rubio will form a most interesting 100% Andalusian pair with the gunner Jairo Bautista.

Behind, we will follow the returns of the Lamperti / Belluati and A.Gutierrez / José Rico pairs, but also the new pairs Muñoz / Garcia, Barahona / Fernandez and Diestro / Lijo!

The list of registrants:

Feminine side, there was no upheaval among the best, but things moved well behind. Indeed, no less than seven pairs will make their debut in the main draw: Rufo / Caldera, Nogueira / Talavan, Carolina Navarro / Orsi, Carnicero / Lobo, Lucia Martinez / Sharifova, Mesa / Ruiz Soto and Nuria Rodriguez / Maria Rodriguez!

The list of registrants:

In your opinion, which of the new associations will be the most prolific?

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