While professional athletes are preparing for 2024, we take a look at the players who will be most anticipated during the new season on the circuit Premier Padel.

Jon sanz

We begin this overview with a player who no longer needs to be introduced, but who was one of the revelations of 2023 for the general public. Having gone from being a solid main draw player to being a member of the Top 16 (on the WPT) in one year, Jon Sanz has changed dimensions. Built with confidence by his time with Ale Galan, he then experienced very good results with Coki Nieto. The Spaniards, who have been able to upset top-tier pairs on several occasions, will be expected to turn the corner in 2024.

Alongside the metronome Nieto, the performance of the twirling Sanz will obviously be closely scrutinized, he who is capable of experiencing major heat strokes. The left-hander who is in 22nd FIP rank, but who finished number 10 in the WPT Race, still needs to gain in consistency to get closer to the very best. Will he establish himself as a truly essential player this season and lead his pair towards the Top 5?

Miguel Yanguas and Javi Garrido

After each playing their very first Master Final, Miguel Yanguas and Javi Garrido decided to team up this year. If they will form “only” the tenth pair at the start of the season, the Andalusians will have every intention of getting closer to the Top 8 initially, before certainly aiming for better. With one more year in his legs, the talented Yanguas wants to confirm that he is already a reference on the right. For his part, Garrido, who is one of the most powerful athletes, wants to show that he is capable of holding his own against many left-wing players.

On paper, this association is very attractive, will it be just as attractive on the track?

Alex Arroyo and Edu Alonso


Associated at the end of last season, the young Alonso and Arroyo chose to continue in 2024. The two young men, who form a classic type pair, with a right-wing player with a metronome profile, capable of defending more or less all the opposing attacks and putting the ball where he wants it, and a left-wing player with a titanic arm, have given us a glimpse of very good things.

The Mexico Open semi-finalists want to prove they are more than head-cutters. Do you see them getting closer to the qualifying places for the Master Final?

Claudia Jensen and Jessica Castello

Castello Jensen 2024 new pair

Back together after playing their first Master Final, Claudia Jensen and Jessica Castello will start 2024 with a very different status from that of 2023. Now number 6 pair, the very young left-handed player and the talented left-handed player want to join the fight for the Top 4. Will they be able to achieve it?

Alejandra Alonso and Andrea Ustero

How to talk about the talents of padel world without mentioning Alejandra Alonso and Andrea Ustero! The two players, aged 16 and 17, had a very surprising season. Now 32nd and 38th in the FIP ranking, they want to take the next step. Those who have played two quarter-finals on the WPT together will need more consistency, but they undeniably have the talent to get closer to the Top 20. Or even better?

Lorena Rufo and Claudia Fernandez

Associated to try to get closer to the Top 16, Lorena Rufo and Claudia Fernandez, who will respectively celebrate their 18th and 21st birthday in 2024, want to show that they are more than hopefuls. Members of the Top 25 in the world, these two young players will need to find consistency to be able to move to the next level. Will they be able to do it?

Carmen Goenaga

Now the 20th player in the world, Carmen Goenaga is climbing the ranks little by little. The one who will celebrate her 20th birthday this year shows herself more and more. With two quarter-finals in 2023, the native of Salamanca now aspires to the Master Final. And with the retirement of the Alayeto twins, she is only two places away from the famous Top 16. Will she experience a real breakthrough season in 2024?

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