It's high time this stopped. Fernando Belasteguin and Lucho Capra definitely cannot manage to tune their violins and the last season of “Boss” begins in the worst possible way. For their entry into the running against Barahona / Garcia in Acapulco, the Argentinians suffered a new defeat in two sets (6/3 6/4) and are already saying goodbye to Mexico after spending only 1h21 on the track. Can the native of Pehuajo hope for better to the right of Juan Tello or should we expect a very gloomy end to his career for the man who is considered by many to be the greatest player in history?

The other pairs forced to separate generally did the job for their debut in this GNP Mexico P1, as evidenced by the victories in two sets of the duos Chingotto / Gonzalez and Navarro / Gutiérrez. It was more difficult for Lebron and Galan, who were greatly dominated in a first set marked by the difficulties of “Lobo” and the insolent success of Jairo Bautista. But behind, in the wake of a very high level Galan, the Spanish pair was able to recover and secure a victory in three sets.

Maxi Sanchez and Gonzalo Rubio, who will say goodbye after the Venezuela tournament, suffered a scathing defeat against Oria and Sager who would like to repeat their performance in Riyadh. Another little surprise, the elimination of Bergamini / Ruiz, in two dry sets against the qualifiers Santigosa and Gonzalez (6/2 6/3). Libaak and Augsburger did not weigh very heavily against Ruiz / Cardona (6/2 6/2)

No alert for Coello / Tapia and Stupa / Di Nenno, nor for all the favorites among the ladies.

This Thursday, we get to the heart of the matter a little more with, as you will see below, the round of 16 which promises to be enticing. The program :

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